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(Not A) Monarch Butterfly

Welcome to the part of my *virtual* Butterfly Garden featuring every Butterfly that I’ve captured in photo resembling the Monarch Butterfly but is in fact NOT A Monarch. They are all captured from the dorsal, or top, side and all are predominantly orange in color. This is NOT a complete catalog of every species in Louisiana, yet! Feel free to click on each picture to reveal more information as well as like, share, and subscribe to my website on my homepage for my bug-inspired content!

Each species is carefully identified to the best of my ability using multiple photos in the field, my personal knowledge, and a few trusted sources. Some photos are sent to me by very kind family and friends, and I appreciate them so much for helping add to this collection. Their initials will be featured in the captions. Check out the links to other media and helpful websites in the captions and below!


Project Gallery

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