Fix the problem, not the blame.

Let’s keep it real...

Full transparency, I’ve failed at business before! *gasp* Shocker, I know. Back in college to bring in more cash flow during my very expensive clinicals year, I used to knit ear warmers, right? I thought it would all be so simple. At first it was. My organizational skills stood the test on the front end, but the demand quickly became overwhelming and my turn around time slowed to a halt. Here I am over a year later, and I know exactly where I've gone wrong. It all starts with me. To summarize things, here are a few things I learned:

  1. In business you CANNOT pay yourself first, not even a little bit. You need to reinvest into the business to grow it and keep inventory.

  2. Give yourself grace in your turn around times. Factor in the others things on your plate as well as rest.

  3. Plan to do something EVERYDAY (except designated rest days, obvi). Just something small where you're adding to your business somehow. Even if you miss the mark a little bit, you've progressed.

  4. The consumers make the business, not you! Leave ego at the door. If you want clientele go after it and take care of each and every person to the best of your ability.

These lessons didn't click overnight. It took sticking my neck out there and bumping my head a few times. Knitting is my hobby, but definitely not my passion come to find out. That may have been the biggest error in itself. For the longest, I wouldn't take new orders when I finally came to terms that it was not working for me. I also have since reconciled some things because when you know better, you do better.

I will keep it all the way real. It takes guts to hold yourself accountable and find exactly the ways you went wrong in any situation. One thing I’ve learned professionally though in both the laboratory and finance world is not to rest in those failures. Accept them. Own up to them. Fix what you must and power forward. You only lose when you quit. You only can't come back from it if you choose not to.

For the longest I wanted to point the blame elsewhere of what was the tipping point, but the problem always started with me. As an owner, I will OWN it. That failure hurt, but it was needed. I gained many gems from it that I use today in my financial services endeavors. Although that business plan was scrapped, I've used that knowledge to build a more solid foundation now in what I'm passionate about, and that is helping people. So after fixing what I could, I gave myself grace for my failures. I did my best with the information I had at the time. That is how you can approach any let down in life.

Now I focus on rebuilding and nourishing my brand(s). It is far from my end.

If you are interested in the financial services that my team and I provide, head over to the services tab on the homepage.

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