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Becoming. Welcome to the Sanctuary

I'm a bit of a word enthusiast, so describes the noun becoming as "any process of change." Last Sunday I actually had a cousin tell me that he was "proud of who [I] was becoming." We all find ourselves becoming at some point and often times multiple points in our lives. Becoming is how we get from place to place - not so much physically as it is mentally. I've found out in my 23 years of existence that the target is less about the goal you are trying to reach. Actually, if you're focused on that goal and "it" is in you (the talent, the drive, the connections, whatever "it" is needed to be to accomplish that thing) it's going to happen. The only thing stopping the goal is time. The actual target, as I've come to find out, is the person you need to be to manifest the completion of that goal. It seems that once you align with who you are becoming, the goal at the other side will naturally gravitate to you.

My whole life has been a series of becoming, but it never made sense WHO I was becoming until now. I was never meant to be put into one box. I'm multi-talented. I can fit into multiple spaces. I have interests in so many things. For this reason, most of my life I felt stretched - sometimes too thin. So as I entered adulthood and my boundaries begun to be put in place, I realized that I was meant to be stretched to an extent. The space I long to create and cater to is one of peace. A space where people feel welcome to be themselves, unwind, and even learn a thing or two while they are too, becoming. I strongly hope that The Butterfly Blogs is that place...for you. Welcome to the Sanctuary.

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